Prep-4-It, is giving those which desire, Tools-4-Life with educational courses difficult to find in mainstream society. Our focus is having these courses available for our foster-care communities, homeless communities, community centers and senior centers. The Healing Arts Courses offered are:

Life Preparedness & Interview Preparation:
Identify where you resonate, what you’ve seen and where you want your life to go with choosing clothing according to your vibrational energy and personal goals. Which element fits your style; water – wood – fire – earth – metal. Communicate effectively through assertive, powerful word usage and gain employment.

Whole Foods Nutrition and Medicinal Plant Allies:
Heal thyself by knowing thyself. Introduce our forgotten allies. Identify common trigger foods. What is a Superfood? How do Superfoods benefit your well-being and community? Home remedies to treat health aliments using our medicinal plant allies. How to purchase to most cost effective options with Conscious Consuming.

Meditation and Energy Healing:
Benefits and principles of meditation. The most cost effective way to treat health ailments. How does your vibrational frequency affect your well-being? History of energy healing and Reiki. As we help others and aid in healing – all beings benefit. What is cord cutting and how can it increase your level of joy.

Advanced Course – Reiki I, II, III, Master / Teacher:
For those wishing to become Reiki practitioners or master / teachers.

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To lovingly guide, those which desire, into their personal best by finding harmony in spirit and filling our world with emotionally vibrant, consciously empathetic beings.
Prep-4-It is a non-profit 501© organization.

Vision Statement

Prep-4-It, is an eco-ly conscious community and believes in the power of conscious consuming and choices to promote health and vitality for the betterment of humanity. To shift into a conscious perspective, alternative views must be found. We at Prep-4-It are presenting The Healing Arts with alternative healing courses in:

Life Preparedness & Interview Preparation
Whole Foods Nutrition & Medicinal Plants
Journey within, benefits of Meditation & Principles of Reiki
Advanced Course, for those wishing to become Reiki practitioners and or teachers

Our vision is to allow those seeking this path to flourish and blossom into their vision of contentment. If desired to become community leaders by identifying personal strengths not found in main-stream education. This alternative education will allow for the opportunity to receive desired growth, as alternative education can be difficult to find within many communities. The healing arts presents many benefits such as; to assist one in the betterment of their community, to live a life with less stress and drama, to have the wisdom to handle difficult situations, and to become your own healer through our courses offered. It is our vision to offer employment to those completing the course work and having the desire to share their new found wisdom.

Prep-4-It is a non-profit 501© organization.


Volunteers are always welcomed and encouraged to join. If our cause feels like a nice fit for you and calls to your spirit, please reach out and we can work out anything desired.


Prep-4-It is a non-profit 501© organization. We are able to host classes on a donation basis. If this cause resonates with you, please please donate or become part of the team.

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